• The Auditor’s Office does much more than produce audits.  Sometimes our auditors and policy analysts perform reviews of government that do not meet the definition of an audit.  These reports, which we refer to here as Special Reports, may come as the result of survey research, legal analysis of the state’s laws and regulations, or a comparative analysis of several audits viewed together.

    In 2011 Auditor Bump issued a special report on business tax credits that helped spur the creation of a Tax Expenditure Commission to review all tax expenditures and make recommendations as to how we can add elements of accountability and transparency to our business tax policy.  Another report came as the result of a survey that found one in four district courts were not in compliance with the implementation of the increased administrative probation fee.  The finding was matched with Auditor Bump's recommendations to bring equal administration of justice across all district courts.

    To ensure that audit reports help effect positive change and make government work better, Auditor Bump launched an initiative to follow up with audited agencies on their progress toward implementing audit recommendations and the resulting outcome.  These reports will be released on a quarterly basis and will track State Auditor Bump’s progress in making government work better.