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Optional Downloads
Microsoft Excel files are available for:
  • a statewide listing of all FY2001 Governor's Budget Recommendations, provided in account order (2001h1a.xls)
  • individual secretariat listings, sorted by department
We have provided a reference file (support.xls) that lists all of the Secretariats, Departments, and Account Types used in the FY2001 Governor's Budget Recommendation. This file is provided as a reference, and is intended for those users wishing to construct complex pivot tables, reports, and/or queries from the data.

Within each individual spreadsheet, there are 6 columns of data:
sec - identifies each secretariat listed in the FY2001 Governor's Budget Recommendation (Please refer to support.xls for a list of the secretariat codes and names.)
dept - identifies each department (within each secretariat) listed in the FY2001 Governor's Budget Recommendation (Please refer to support.xls for a list of department codes and names.)
account - the 8-digit number for each individual line item

type - the account type (Please refer to support.xls for a list of account type codes and descriptions.)

amount - the dollar amount of the Governor's Budget Recommendation; for account type 03 (trust/other)-- the amount is simply an estimate of spending rather than a recommendation
descriptor - a brief description of the purpose of each account
Listing of Available Excel Files

2001h1a.xls FY2001 H1A Budget Recommendations - Complete Listing Sorted by Account
support.xls Reference File
af.xls Executive Office for Administration and Finance
ag.xls Attorney General
ca.xls Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation
ct.xls Office of the Comptroller
cw.xls Commission on the Status of Women
da.xls District Attorneys
dp.xls Disabled Persons Protection Commission
ea.xls Executive Office of Environmental Affairs
ec.xls Department of Economic Development
ed.xls Department of Education
el.xls Executive Office of Elder Affairs
et.xls State Ethics Commission
ex.xls Executive Office
hc.xls Department of Housing and Community Development
he.xls Board of Higher Education
hh.xls Executive Office of Health and Human Services
ig.xls Inspector General
jd.xls Judiciary
lc.xls Board of Library Commissioners
le.xls Legislature
lw.xls Department of Labor and Workforce Development
pf.xls Office of Campaign and Political Finance
ps.xls Executive Office of Public Safety
sa.xls State Auditor
se.xls Secretary of the Commonwealth
sh.xls Sheriffs
tc.xls Executive Office of Transportation & Construction
tr.xls Treasurer and Receiver-General
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