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Executive Office for Administration and Finance

Executive Office for Administration and Finance
Department of Capital Assets 47,449,359
For the operation of the department of capital assets; provided, that the secretary of administration and finance is authorized to expend the funds appropriated herein 
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Budgetary Direct Appropriations 41,742,746
Direct Appropriations  
   1102-3206   Maintenance and Security of Surplus State Properties 600,000
   1102-3301   State Office Buildings Operations 7,278,151
   1102-3302   Utilities Costs for State Managed Buildings 4,530,273
   1599-3856   Massachusetts Information Technology Center Rent 7,115,000
   1599-8087   Saltonstall Relocation Costs 9,965,000
Retained Revenues 
   1102-3205   Rent from the Massachusetts Information Technology Center 5,500,000
   1102-3214   Rent from the State Transportation Building 6,100,000
   1102-3231   Rent from the Springfield State Office Building 654,322
Trust and Other Spending 5,706,613
   1102-3260   1010 Commonwealth Avenue Trust 264,862
   1102-3261   Surplus Properties Trust Fund 39,500
   1102-3304   State House Special Events Fund 50,000
   1102-3305   Art Conservation Fund 1,100
   1102-3335   State Buildings Operation and Maintenance 150,000
   1102-3337   Hurley State Office Building Operation and Maintenance 2,201,151
   1103-3266   Asbestos Cost Recovery Trust 3,000,000