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Executive Office for Administration and Finance

Executive Office for Administration and Finance
Department of Revenue 210,218,107
For the operation of the department of revenue; provided, that the secretary of administration and finance is authorized to expend the funds appropriated herein 
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Budgetary Direct Appropriations 183,032,407
Direct Appropriations  
   1201-0100   Department of Revenue Administration 110,080,948
   1201-0160   Child Support Enforcement Division 48,946,765
   1233-2000   Reimbursements for Tax Abatements to Disabled Veterans, Widows, and Elderly 8,400,000
   1233-2010   Reimbursements for Tax Abatements to Elderly Water and Sewer Payers 9,655
   1233-2310   Reimbursements for Tax Abatements to the Elderly 9,890,345
Retained Revenues 
   1201-0164   Federal Reimbursement for Child Support Enforcement 5,704,694
Federal Grant Spending 344,156
   1201-0104   Joint Federal/State Motor Fuel Tax Compliance Project 21,687
   1201-0109   Access and Visitation - Parent Education Program 222,469
   1201-1951   Managing Child Support Arrears in Massachusetts 100,000
Trust and Other Spending 26,841,544
   1201-0112   Higher Education Student Loan Offset Fund 187,613
   1201-0113   Massachusetts United States Olympic Fund 104,337
   1201-0116   Cape Cod Open Space Land Acquisition 5,750,971
   1201-0117   Child Care Subsidy Study 32,363
   1201-0161   Child Support Enforcement Revolving Fund 4,366,442
   1201-0410   Child Support Enforcement Trust Fund 8,319,329
   1201-0412   Child Support IV-D 222,580
   1201-2286   Massachusetts Community Preservation Trust Fund 357,909
   1233-3300   County Correction Fund 7,500,000