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Executive Office for Administration and Finance

Executive Office for Administration and Finance
Division of Group Benefits 767,283,743
For the operation of the division of group benefits; provided, that the secretary of administration and finance is authorized to expend the funds appropriated herein 
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Budgetary Direct Appropriations 765,880,743
Direct Appropriations  
   1108-5100   Division of Group Benefits Operations 1,827,065
   1108-5200   Group Insurance Premium and Plan Costs 718,600,955
   1108-5350   Retired Governmental Employees Group Insurance Premiums 900,907
   1108-5400   Retired Municipal Teachers Group Insurance Premiums 38,557,506
   1108-5500   Group Insurance Dental and Vision Benefits 5,994,310
Trust and Other Spending 1,403,000
   1120-2100   Basic Life and AD&D Insurance Rate Stabilization Reserve 400,000
   1120-2611   Employees Share of the Group Insurance Trust Fund 400,000
   1120-3100   Elderly Governmental Retirees Health and Optional Medicare Rate Stabilization 200,000
   1120-5611   Accumulated Net Interest from Employees' Premiums 403,000