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Office of the Comptroller

Office of the Comptroller
Administrative Office of the Comptroller 43,335,498
For the operation of the office of the comptroller 
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Budgetary Direct Appropriations 17,335,498
Direct Appropriations  
   1000-0001   Office of the Comptroller Operations 8,228,473
   1599-3384   Court Judgments, Settlements, and Legal Fees 8,000,000
Retained Revenues 
   0910-0210   Fees from Public Purchasing and Public Manager Programs 196,530
   1000-0004   Fees from Vendor Training 25,000
   1000-0005   Fees from Single Audit 750,000
   1000-0006   Fees from Expanded Intercept Program 135,495
Trust and Other Spending 26,000,000
   1000-2040   Prior-Year Deficiencies 7,000,000
   1000-3100   Unemployment Compensation Fund and Medical Security Trust 15,000,000
   1000-3382   Liability Management Reduction Fund 4,000,000