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Executive Office for Economic Affairs

Executive Office for Economic Affairs
Department of Business and Technology 25,616,492
For the operation of the department of business and technology; provided, that the secretary of economic affairs is authorized to expend the funds appropriated herein 
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Budgetary Direct Appropriations 24,677,367
Direct Appropriations  
   7007-0100   Department of Business and Technology Administration 1,206,380
   7007-0300   Massachusetts Office of Business Development 2,477,854
   7007-0800   Small Business Development Center at the University of Massachusetts - Amherst 1,146,448
   7007-0900   Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism 10,800,388
   7007-1000   Local Tourist Councils - Financial Assistance 7,081,211
   7007-1200   Massachusetts Technology Collaborative 547,000
   7007-1300   Massachusetts International Trade Council 1,118,086
   7007-1400   Women and Minority Entrepreneurship Initiatives 300,000
Federal Grant Spending 200,000
   7007-9007   Urban Enterprise Program 200,000
Trust and Other Spending 739,125
   7007-9012   Domestic Marketing Expendable Trust 547,000
   9000-0501   Annual Travel and Tourism Conference 105,000
   9000-1809   Industry Specialist Program 87,125