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Executive Office for Public Safety and Homeland Security

Executive Office for Public Safety and Homeland Security
Department of Motor Vehicles 108,135,431
For the operation of the department of motor vehicles; provided, that the secretary of public safety and homeland security is authorized to expend the funds appropriated herein 
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Budgetary Direct Appropriations 66,399,771
Direct Appropriations  
   8400-0001   Registry of Motor Vehicles Administration 48,252,260
   8400-0016   Motorcycle Safety Program 189,866
   8400-0100   Merit Rating Board 8,757,377
   8850-0001   Highway Safety Bureau - State Match 200,268
Retained Revenues 
   8400-0024   Fees from Civil Motor Vehicle Infractions 3,000,000
   8400-0033   Fees from Accessing Driver Records 3,500,000
   8400-0222   Fees from Registration Renewals 2,500,000
Trust and Other Spending 41,735,660
   8400-0012   Environmental Registration Plate for Private Passenger Vehicles 140,000
   8400-0054   Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Trust Fund 41,595,660