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Treasurer and Receiver-General

Treasurer and Receiver-General
Employee Pensions 684,905,000
For employee pensions; provided, that the treasurer and receiver-general is authorized to expend the funds appropriated herein 
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Budgetary Direct Appropriations 668,835,000
Direct Appropriations  
   0612-0105   Public Safety Employees Line-of-Duty Death Benefits 500,000
   0612-1010   Commonwealth's Pension Liability Fund 652,335,000
   0612-2000   Miscellaneous Retirement Benefits 16,000,000
Trust and Other Spending 16,070,000
   0612-0000   State Board of Retirement Administration 2,800,000
   1108-2058   E-Retirement Project 1,770,000
   1108-4000   Teachers' Retirement Board Administration 5,600,000
   1108-6000   Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission Trust Fund 5,900,000