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Treasurer and Receiver-General

Treasurer and Receiver-General
Debt Service 1,626,630,873
For the payment of interest, discount, and principal on certain bonded debt and the sale of bonds of the commonwealth 
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Budgetary Direct Appropriations 1,593,393,156
Direct Appropriations  
   0699-0015   Consolidated Long-Term Debt Service 1,435,350,000
   0699-0017   MassPort Notes 6,299,000
   0699-2004   Central Artery/Tunnel Debt Service 56,000,000
   0699-9100   Short-Term Debt Service and Costs of Issuance 20,950,000
   0699-9101   GANs Debt Service 74,698,000
   1599-3234   South Essex Sewerage District Debt Service Assessment 96,156
Trust and Other Spending 33,237,717
   0699-8100   Interest Payments on Certain Bonded Debt of the Commonwealth 2,244,000
   0699-8101   Discount on Sale of Bonds - Government Land Bank Fund 1,800
   0699-9102   Convention Center Bonds and BANs 23,875,000
   0699-9103   Massachusetts Convention Center Authority Interest 7,116,917