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Treasurer and Receiver-General

Treasurer and Receiver-General
Contract Assistance 261,140,270
For contract assistance; provided, that the treasurer and receiver-general is authorized to expend the funds appropriated herein 
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Budgetary Direct Appropriations 261,140,270
Direct Appropriations  
   0699-9200   Massachusetts Development Finance Agency Debt Service Assistance 13,283,318
   1599-0035   Massachusetts Convention Center Authority Debt Service Contract Assistance 16,378,338
   1599-0049   Foxborough Contract Assistance 5,337,628
   1599-0050   Route 3 North Contract Assistance 26,777,895
   1599-0093   Water Pollution Abatement Trust Clean Water Contract Assistance 50,948,349
   1599-3837   Water Pollution Abatement Trust Grandfathered Drinking Water Contract Assistance 7,860,000
   1599-3838   Water Pollution Abatement Trust New Drinking Water Projects Contract Assistance 6,844,208
   6000-0104   Massachusetts Turnpike Contract Assistance Debt Service 133,710,534