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Business and Technology

Economic Development
FY 2006

FY 2006
Federal, Trust,
and ISF

FY 2006

FY 2006
Non-Tax Revenue

Department of Business and Technology 28,721  1,002  29,723 

TOTAL       28,721  1,002    29,723 
Department of Business and Technology 29,722,592
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Budgetary Direct Appropriations 28,720,778
Direct Appropriations  
 Department of Business and Technology Administration  
   7007-0100   For the operation of the department of business and technology 526,005
 Massachusetts Office of Business Development  
   7007-0300   For the operation of the Massachusetts office of business development 2,656,022
 Massachusetts Business Resource Team  
   7007-0310   For the operation of the business resource team 1,200,000
 Small Business Initiative  
   7007-0312   For the implementation and operation of the small business initiative 1,500,000
 Regional Redevelopment Projects  
   7007-0515   For an economic development grant for the Massachusetts fisheries recovery commission administered by the university of Massachusetts at Dartmouth 200,000
 Small Business Development Center at the University of Massachusetts Amherst  
   7007-0800   For a state matching grant for a small business development center; provided, that no funds shall be expended from this item until such time as the United States Small Business Administration has made a payment or has executed a contract to pay the university of Massachusetts at Amherst for the operation of the center; provided further, that the funds expended from this item shall not exceed 25 per cent of the gross operating cost of said center; provided further, that not more than $300,000 of the amount appropriated herein shall be expended for the purpose of operating federal procurement technical assistance services within said center; provided further, that the services, shall include, but not be limited to, assisting businesses in securing federal contracts, obtaining contract financing, generating responses to requests for proposals, interpreting bid documents, providing educational workshops and seminars, and the electronic identification and tracking of federal bid opportunities; provided further, that the expenditure of said $300,000 shall be subject to the receipt of matching funds from federal or private sources including the Department of Defense 1,146,448
 Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism  
   7007-0900   For the operation of the Massachusetts office of travel and tourism 12,005,104
Massachusetts Tourism Fund 100%
 Local Tourist Councils Financial Assistance  
   7007-1000   For financial assistance to local tourist councils, pursuant to section 14 of chapter 23A of the General Laws 6,929,211
Massachusetts Tourism Fund 100%
 Massachusetts Technology Collaborative  
   7007-1200   For a contract with the Massachusetts technology park corporation administered by the Massachusetts technology collaborative to create and maintain a more favorable and responsive environment for the formation, growth, attraction, and retention of technology-intensive clusters for the commonwealth through the support of activities of clusters of technology-intensive organizations 500,000
 Massachusetts International Trade Council  
   7007-1300   For the operation of the Massachusetts international trade council 961,853
Massachusetts Tourism Fund 100%
 State Office of Minority and Women Business Assistance  
   7007-1500   For the operation of the state office of minority and women business assistance 1,096,135
Trust and Other Spending 1,001,814
   7007-9012   Domestic Marketing Expendable Trust 600,000
   9000-0501   Annual Travel and Tourism Conference 100,000
   9000-1809   Industry Specialist Program 28,708
   9000-2220   Federal Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Certification Program 273,106