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Executive Office of Environmental Affairs

Executive Office of Environmental Affairs
    Department of Conservation and Recreation
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State Park Seasonals  
   2810-2000   For the seasonal hires of the division of state parks and recreation, including hires for the forest fire control unit; provided, that no funds from this item shall be expended for year-round seasonal employees; provided further, that the seasonal employees who are hired prior to the second Sunday before Memorial Day and whose employment continues beyond the Saturday following Labor Day and who received health insurance benefits in fiscal year 2006 shall continue to receive such benefits in fiscal year 2007 during the period of their seasonal employment; provided further, that no expenditures shall be made from the amount appropriated other than for those purposes identified in this item; provided further, that notwithstanding section 1 of chapter 31 of the General Laws, seasonal positions funded by this item are positions requiring the services of an incumbent, on either a full-time or less than full-time basis beginning not earlier than April 1 and ending not later than November 30, or beginning not earlier than September 1 and ending not later than April 30; and provided further, that notwithstanding said section 1 of said chapter 31, seasonal positions funded by this item shall not be filled by an incumbent for more than eight months within a 12-month period 5,567,735 5,526,125