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Executive Office of Health and Human Services

Health and Human Services
         Executive Office of Health and Human Services
Account Description
House 2
MassHealth Recoveries from Current and Prior Fiscal Years Retained Revenue  
   4000-0320   The executive office is hereby authorized to expend an amount not to exceed $225,000,000 from recoveries of any current or prior year expenditures and collections from liens, estate recoveries, third party recoveries, drug rebates, accident and trauma recoveries, case mix recoveries, computer audits, insurance recoveries, provider overpayment recoveries, bankruptcy settlements, Medicaid fraud returns, data match returns, Medicare appeals, and program and utilization review audits; provided, that any revenues collected by the executive office that are not attributable to the aforementioned categories shall be deposited in the General Fund and shall be tracked separately; provided further, that no funds from this item shall be used for the purposes of item 4000-0300; provided further, that expenditures from this item shall be limited solely to payment obligations arising in the current fiscal year for the provision of medical care and assistance; and provided further, that additional categories of recoveries and collections, including the balance of any personal needs accounts collected from nursing and other medical institutions after a recipient's death and held by the executive office for more than three years may, notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, be credited to this item 291,000,000 225,000,000
 Reduced appropriation to equal projected retained revenue.