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Executive Office of Health and Human Services

Health and Human Services
         Executive Office of Health and Human Services
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MassHealth - Essential Plan  
   4000-1405   For the operation of a program of preventive and primary care for chronically unemployed persons who are not receiving unemployment insurance benefits and who are not eligible for medical assistance, but who are determined by the executive office of health and human services to be long-term unemployed; provided, that such persons meet the eligibility requirements established under the MassHealth program as established in section 9A of chapter 118E of the General Laws; provided further, that the income of such persons shall not exceed 100 per cent of the federal poverty level; provided further, that said eligibility requirements shall not exclude from eligibility persons who are employed intermittently or on a non-regular basis; provided further, that the provision of care to such persons under this program may, taking into account capacity, continuity of care, and geographic considerations, be restricted to certain providers; provided further, that funds may be expended from this item for health care services provided to recipients in prior fiscal years; provided further, that the secretary of health and human services is hereby authorized to limit or close enrollment if necessary in order to ensure that expenditures from this item do not exceed the amount appropriated herein; provided further, that notwithstanding subsection (3) of section 16D of said chapter 118E or any other general or special law to the contrary, a person who is not a citizen of the United States but who is either a qualified alien within the meaning of section 431 of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 or is otherwise permanently residing in the United States under color of law shall be eligible to receive benefits under this item if such individual meets the categorical and financial eligibility requirements pursuant to this item; and provided further, that such individual shall be either age 65 or older, or age 19 to 64 and disabled 132,154,120 224,462,512
 Increased funding to support projected costs.