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     Office of Health Services
         Division of Health Care Finance and Policy
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House 2
Division of Health Care Finance and Policy  
   4100-0060   For the operation of the division of health care finance and policy; provided, that notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, the assessment to acute hospitals in fiscal year 2007 authorized pursuant to section 5 of said chapter 118G for the estimated expenses of the division shall include the estimated expenses, including indirect costs, of the division and shall be equal to the amount appropriated in this item less amounts projected to be collected in fiscal year 2007 from: (1) filing fees; (2) fees and charges generated by the division's publication or dissemination of reports and information; and (3) federal financial participation received as reimbursement for the division's administrative costs; provided further, that the assessed amount shall not be less than 65 per cent of the division's total expenses; and provided further, that the division, in consultation with the executive office of health and human services, shall not promulgate any increase in Medicaid provider rates without taking all measures possible under Title XIX of the Social Security Act or any successor federal statute to ensure that rates of payment to providers do not exceed such rates as are necessary to meet only those costs incurred by efficiently and economically operated providers in order to provide services of adequate quality 12,530,216 12,836,110