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         Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission
Account Description
House 2
Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission  
   4120-1000   For the operation of the Massachusetts rehabilitation commission; provided, that the commissioner may transfer funds among items 4120-1000, 4120-2000, 4120-3000, 4120-4000, 4120-4001, 4120-4010, 4120-5000, and 4120-6000; provided further, that the amount transferred from any of the items stated herein shall not exceed 5 per cent of the total amount appropriated for that item; provided further, that upon the written request of the commissioner of revenue, the commission shall provide lists of individual clients to whom or on behalf of whom payments have been made for the purpose of verifying eligibility and detecting and preventing fraud, error, and abuse in the programs administered by the commission; and provided further, that the lists shall include client names and social security numbers, and payee names and other identification, if different from a client’s 571,395 579,543