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Office of Health Services

Health and Human Services
     Office of Health Services
         Department of Public Health
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Regional Emergency Medical Services  
   4510-0790   For the provision of regional emergency medical services; provided, that the regional emergency medical services councils, designated as such in accordance with 105 CMR 170.101 and the C-MED communications as of January 1, 1992, shall remain the designated councils and C-MEDs; provided further, that notwithstanding the provisions of section 27C of chapter 29 of the General Laws to the contrary, the department of public health, in conjunction with the regional emergency services councils, shall promulgate regulations to ensure that all basic, intermediate, and paramedic emergency medical technicians are certified to use and have available epinephrine for the emergency treatment of anaphylaxis; and provided further, that the department shall widely disseminate this requirement to all relevant parties 1,246,896 1,246,896