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Executive Office of Transportation

Executive Office of Transportation
    Office of the Secretary of Transportation
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Regional Transit Authorities Contract Assistance  
   6005-0015   For certain assistance to the regional transit authorities, including operating grants and reimbursements to increase the accessibility of transit provided to the elderly and disabled under the mobility assistance program, and the regional transit authority program; provided, that the commonwealth, acting by and through the executive office for administration and finance, may enter into contracts with the authorities for the period beginning July 1, 2006 and ending June 30, 2007; provided further, that reimbursements shall be made to each authority from the sum appropriated herein; provided further, that notwithstanding the provisions of section 152A of chapter 161 and section 23 of chapter 161B of the General Laws, at least 50 per cent and up to 75 per cent of the net cost of service of each authority incurred in fiscal year 2006 shall be paid by the commonwealth and shall not be assessed upon the cities and towns constituting the authorities; provided further, that the share assessed upon said cities and towns shall be at least 25 per cent of said net cost of service; provided further, that in the event that 25 per cent of the net cost of service of each authority exceeds 102.5 per cent of the previous year's local assessment, excluding payments made by cities and towns for the costs of new service for which the cities and towns have not previously been assessed by the regional transit authority, the authority shall reduce its operating expenses or increase its revenues to meet the difference; provided further, that operating expenditures of each of the regional transit authorities for fiscal year 2007 shall not exceed 102.5 per cent of its operating expenditures for fiscal year 2006; provided further, that for the purposes of this item, operating expenditures shall not include federal, private, or additional municipal non-state revenue sources or any expenses arising from the provision of services required by the Americans with Disabilities Act, or new services implemented after July 1, 1999 in an amount not to exceed a total of $3,613,905 for the 15 regional transit authorities; provided further, that the new services must have first received approval of the appropriate regional transit authority advisory board; and provided further, that not less than 25 per cent of the net cost of service of the new services shall be assessed upon the cities and towns of the appropriate transit authority, as detailed previously in this item 50,182,640 51,437,200
General Fund 80.00%
Highway Fund 20.00%