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Executive Office of Public Safety

Executive Office of Public Safety
    Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency
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Environmental Monitoring of Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant  
   8800-0300   For environmental monitoring of the nuclear power plant in Seabrook, New Hampshire including a continuous real-time radiological monitoring system for Massachusetts cities and towns located within the emergency planning zone of the nuclear power plant; provided, that the cost of this item, including any applicable fringe benefits and indirect costs, shall be assessed on electric companies in Massachusetts which own, in whole or in part, or purchase power from the Seabrook nuclear power plant; provided further, that the department of telecommunications and energy shall develop an equitable method of apportioning such assessments among the licensees; provided further, that such assessments shall be paid during the current fiscal year as provided by the department; provided further, that for the purposes of this item the term "electric companies" shall be defined as all persons, firms, associations and private corporations which own or operate works or distribute electricity in the commonwealth; and provided further, that the term "electric companies" shall not include municipalities or municipal light plants 165,356 165,356