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Department of Elder Affairs

Health and Human Services
         Department of Elder Affairs
Account Description
House 2
Elder Home Care Purchased Services  
   9110-1630   For the operation of the elder home care program, including contracts with aging service access points or other qualified entities for the home care program, including home care, health aides, home health and respite services, and other services provided to the elderly; provided, that a sliding fee shall be charged to qualified elders; provided further, that the secretary of elder affairs may waive collection of sliding fees in cases of extreme financial hardship; provided further, that not more than $7,500,000 in revenues accrued from sliding fees shall be retained by the individual home care corporations without re-allocation by the department of elder affairs and shall be expended for the purposes of the home care program consistent with guidelines to be issued by the department; and provided further, that the secretary of elder affairs may transfer an amount not to exceed 3 per cent of the funds appropriated herein to item 9110-1633 for case management services and the administration of the home care program 98,584,945 103,142,340
 Consolidated with 1599-6901 and 9110-1635.