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Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation

Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation
FY 2007

FY 2007
Federal, Trust,
and ISF

FY 2007

FY 2007
Non-Tax Revenue

Department of Telecommunications and Energy 9,332  5,385  14,717  13,490 

TOTAL       9,332  5,385    14,717  13,490 
Department of Telecommunications and Energy 14,716,842
No related outside sections
Budgetary Direct Appropriations 9,332,130
Direct Appropriations  
 Department of Telecommunications and Energy  
   7006-0070   For the operation and administration of the department of telecommunications and energy; provided, that notwithstanding the second sentence of the first paragraph of section 18 of chapter 25 of the General Laws, the assessments levied for fiscal year 2007 pursuant to said paragraph shall be made at a rate sufficient to produce $8,672,318 8,672,318
 Transportation Entity Monitoring and Oversight  
   7006-0080   For the operation of the transportation division 584,812
Retained Revenues 
 Energy Facilities Siting Board Retained Revenue  
   7006-0090   The department of telecommunications and energy is hereby authorized to expend for the operation of the energy facilities siting board an amount not to exceed $75,000 from application fees collected in fiscal year 2007 and prior fiscal years from utility companies 75,000
Federal Grant Spending 1,200,000
 Pipeline Security  
   7006-9002   For the purposes of a federally funded grant entitled, Pipeline Security 1,200,000
Trust and Other Spending 4,184,712
   7006-0073   Department of Telecommunications and Energy - Dislodged Manhole Cover 100,000
   7006-0074   Energy Stray Voltage 350,000
   7006-0075   Department of Telecommunications and Energy Trust Fund 3,420,000
   7006-0077   Electric Outage Reporting System 250,000
   7006-0078   Rail Grade Crossings Safety and Security 64,712