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Municipal GIC

SECTION 30.   Chapter 32B of the General Laws, as so appearing, is hereby amended by adding the following:-

Section 3B. (a) Upon acceptance of this section as hereinafter provided, a governmental unit shall establish and maintain a committee, known as the group insurance committee. Said committee will be comprised of 7 members as follows: 4 persons to be appointed by the appropriate public authority, 2 persons to be elected by organizations of the governmental unit's employees, and 1 person who shall be a retiree of the governmental unit and who shall be appointed to membership on such committee by the appropriate public authority. Four members of the committee shall constitute a quorum. The committee may act upon a majority vote of a quorum at any meeting held in conformity with section 23B of chapter 39.

(b) The group insurance committee shall have plenary authority to require changes in the design of any and all group general or blanket hospital, surgical, medical, dental and other health insurance plans, including the services of a health care organization, and including coverage offered on a self-funded basis pursuant to sections 3A, 11 or 12; provided however that this authority shall not include adjustments to the municipality and employee premium contributions. The plan design changes that may be required may include, but not be limited to, changes to co-pay amounts and deductibles. Such changes as the group insurance committee requires shall be (1) effective as of the date voted by the committee, (2) not subject to any amendments by the appropriate public authority and (3) shall not be subject to collective bargaining pursuant to Chapter 150E.

(c)This section shall take effect in a county, city, town or district upon its acceptance in the following manner: in a county, by a vote of the county commissioners; in a city having a Plan D or a Plan E charter, by a majority vote of its city council and approved by the manager; in any other city by majority vote of its city council and approved by the mayor; in a town, by vote of the town meeting or town council; in a regional school district, by vote of the regional district school committee; and in all other districts, by vote of the registered voters of the district at a district meeting.