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Ed Reform #9

SECTION 49.   Chapter 74 of the General Laws is hereby amended by adding the following:-

Section 8. (a) The department may establish applied academic schools within regular high schools that provide combined academic and occupational training to high school students towards meeting the needs of the state for a highly skilled and educated work force. Any amount awarded under this section shall be in addition to and not to be considered in determining state or federal monies.

(b) A school district may apply to the department for a grant to fund expenses associated with the planning, development and implementation of an applied academic school. Amounts awarded under this section shall be used to fund curriculum development and program design costs, employ certified teachers to provide course instruction during the introductory year and to fund initial purchases of equipment and supplies necessary for program delivery.
(c) An applied academic school shall be a state-school-private sector partnership. The department shall develop a technical assistance team whose members have prior involvement in successful applied academic operations and make their expertise available, as necessary, to each new applied academics school during its first two years of operation.
(d) Applied academic teachers shall work as a team in planning, teaching, and troubleshooting program activities. Classes in this program shall be limited to students enrolled in the applied academic school. Each participating district shall establish an advisory committee consisting of individuals involved in applied academic operations, including school district and school administrators, teachers, and representatives of the private sector.
(e) The department shall develop regulations and guidelines for applied academic schools that should include but not be limited to the following:
          (1)          Instruction in at least three academic subjects each regular school term that prepares the student for a regular high school diploma. These subjects should contribute to an understanding of the academic field of study.
          (2)          A laboratory class related to the applied academic field of study.
          (3)          A mentor from the business community during the student's 11th grade year.
          (4)          An internship or paid job related to the academy's occupational field or work experience to improve employment skills, during the summer following the 11th grade. A student that must attend summer school for purposes of completing graduation requirements is exempt from this requirement.
          (5)          Additional motivational activities with private sector involvement to encourage academic and occupational preparation.
(e) The curriculum of an applied academic school shall prepare students to receive a certificate of occupational proficiency as described in subsection (iii) of section 1D of chapter 69; and upon successful completion of the applied academic school, the students shall be eligible to receive the certificate.