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Urban Skating Rinks Lease Agreement

SECTION 80.   Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 40E to 40K and 52 to 55, inclusive, of chapter 7 of the General Laws, and utilizing such competitive proposal process or processes as said division deems necessary or appropriate, the division of capital asset management and maintenance, in consultation with the department of conservation and recreation, may lease and enter into other agreements, for terms not to exceed 25 years, to one or more proponents, for one or more skating rinks, so as to provide for the continued use, operation, maintenance, repair, and improvement of the following state-owned buildings and facilities together with the land and appurtenances associated therewith, comprising those ice skating rinks and facilities formerly under the jurisdiction of the metropolitan district commission: Bajko memorial rink, Hyde Park district, Boston; Connell memorial rink, Weymouth; Devine memorial rink, Dorchester district, Boston; Emmons Horrigan O'Neill memorial rink, Charlestown district, Boston; Flynn memorial rink, Medford; LoConte memorial rink, Medford; Murphy memorial rink, South Boston district, Boston; Reilly memorial rink, Brighton district, Boston; Shea memorial rink, Quincy; Steriti memorial rink, Boston; Veterans Memorial Rink, Somerville; and, Ulin memorial rink, Milton.          
          Such leases and other agreements shall be on terms acceptable to the commissioner of the division of capital asset management and maintenance, after consultation with the commissioner of department of conservation and recreation, and, notwithstanding the provisions of any general or special law to the contrary, shall provide for the lessees to operate, manage, improve, repair, and maintain the properties, and may provide for the department to make initial capital improvements or direct grant funds to the lessee to undertake initial capital improvements at one or more of the properties that the commissioner of said department determines is necessary due to the structural condition of any of the properties. Any such leases or other arrangements requiring improvements to be made to any buildings may include a description of the initially required improvements and, at minimum, performance specifications. Ice time at rinks under the jurisdiction of the division of urban parks and recreation shall be allocated to user groups in the following priority order: general public skating; youth groups; high school hockey; and adult organizations or informal groups. Ice time may be allocated at the discretion of the operator with the following restrictions: general public skating shall be booked at a minimum of 16 hours per week, with a range of times and days which reasonably allow for public skaters of all ages to participate in some public skating sessions. Every effort shall be made to balance the ice allocation needs of long-established youth organizations and newly-formed youth organizations in a manner that provides equal opportunity and equal access for youths of each gender. Such leases and other agreements authorized herein shall provide that any benefits to the communities and the costs of improvements and repairs made to the properties provided by the lessees or the recipients of the properties shall be taken into account as part of the consideration for such leases or other agreements. All consideration received from the leases or other agreements shall be payable to the department of conservation and recreation for deposit into the Urban Parks Trust Fund in accordance with the provisions of section 34 of chapter 92 of the General Laws. The lessees or the recipients of said properties shall bear all costs deemed necessary or appropriate by the commissioner of the department of conservation and recreation for the transactions including, without limitation, all costs for legal work, survey, title, and the preparation of plans and specifications.
          The department may consider payments made by a lessee at the Connell rink as private matching funds for the purposes of item 2800-0105 of section 2E of chapter 352 of the acts of 2004.