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Outside Section 82

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Parental Preparation Program at Early Education and Care

SECTION 82.   The board of early education and care shall administer a program to provide information and training for parents to assist them in nurturing their children's development and education and to strengthen parents' involvement in their children's schooling and shall be used for parent orientation and information for parents of children from birth to five years of age who are enrolled in state-subsidized child care programs, which program shall be known as the parent-child care partnership.

The parent-child care partnership program shall be administered by the department of early education and care. Funding appropriated for this program shall be used to provide individual 60-minute parent orientation sessions for each parent twice a year, as an integral part of the mandatory intake process between parents and intake counselors in child care programs. No child may be enrolled in a state-subsidized child care program until at least one parent completes one individual 60-minute parent orientation session. Counselors trained in child development will provide parents with information on what to expect at various stages of their child's development, how they can participate in their child's education, and what they can do to encourage their children to learn and grow. Funding appropriated for the parent-child care partnership program shall also be used by the department of early education and care to produce a guidebook for parents on what they can do to nurture their children's development and education. The department shall make the guidebook available to in English and in four other languages most commonly spoken in the commonwealth.

Notwithstanding any provision of chapter 66A of the General Laws to the contrary, for purposes of collaboration between the department of early education and care and community partnership lead agencies, the department of early education and care may share with community partnership lead agencies personal data regarding the parents and children who receive services provided under grant programs funded by the commonwealth, to the extent necessary for reporting and program implementation as required by federal and state law.