Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 1 Fiscal Year 2008

Governor's Budget Recommendation FY2008


The Governor's Budget recommendation can be viewed in HTML and PDF format. Selected sections are also available in MS Excel and Word formats. Please use the appropriate link below to access these sections of the budget. Printable versions of individual web pages are available by clicking the "Print Friendly" icon on the upper right corner of each page.

Section HTML PDF Word/Excel
FY08 House 1 - All sections   budget.pdf (12 MB)  
FY08 Budget Comparison     fy08_compare.xls (7/12/07)
Governor's Message Governor's Message GovernorMessage08.pdf GovernorMessage08.doc
Secretary's Message Secretary's Message SecretaryLetter08.pdf SecretaryLetter08.doc
Budget Narrative Budget Narrative BudgetNarrative08.pdf BudgetNarrative08.doc
Budget Recommendations plbudrec.htm house1.pdf house1.xls
Outside Sections pout.htm outside.pdf  
Local Aid Distribution p3.htm   sect3.xls
Capital Budget Capital Budget CapitalOutlay08.pdf CapitalOutlay08.doc
Historical Spending     H1spend.xls
Historical GAA     H1gaa.xls