Executive Office for Administration and Finance             

                       Division of Administrative Law Appeals                  


                                                                       Projected   Recommended

                                                                            FY95          FY96

 Budgetary Direct Appropriations              


 1110-1000 For the administration of the division of                     490,184       489,224

           administrative law appeals, established by section four

           H of chapter seven of the General Laws; provided, that 

           notwithstanding the provisions of any general or       

           special law to the contrary, the cost of services      

           rendered to any office or agency for an appeal shall be

           charged to such office or agency, such charges to      

           include an allowance for overhead as determined by the 

           secretary of administration and finance; provided      

           further, that the payments for such services shall be  

           paid to the General Fund; and provided further, that no

           such service shall be provided without a written       

           contract filed with the comptroller                    

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