Executive Office of Labor                        

                         Department of Industrial Accidents                    


                                                                       Projected   Recommended

                                                                            FY95          FY96

 Budgetary Direct Appropriations              

 DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENTS                               

 9440-0200 For the operation of the department of industrial          17,549,861    17,505,987

           accidents; provided, that the General Fund shall be    

           reimbursed for monies appropriated under this item     

           account and associated indirect and fringe benefit     

           costs from assessments levied pursuant to section      

           sixty-five of chapter one hundred and fifty-two of the 

           General Laws                                           

 Trust & Other Spending                       

 9440-0202                                                            17,549,000    17,505,987

 9440-0204                                                            33,075,000    33,075,000

 9440-0206                                                             2,416,933     2,416,933

 9440-0290                                                             3,133,400     3,133,400

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