Executive Office of Environmental Affairs                

                    Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Board               


                                                                       Projected   Recommended

                                                                            FY95          FY96

 Budgetary Direct Appropriations              


 2060-0100 For the purpose of implementing the management plan           500,000       500,000

           adopted pursuant to section twelve of chapter one      

           hundred and eleven H of the General Laws and for       

           carrying out the powers and duties conferred by said   

           chapter one hundred and eleven H; provided, that       

           amounts appropriated herein are reimbursed by the      

           Low-level Radioactive Waste Management Fund on or      

           before June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and ninety-six 

           Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Fund .  100.00 

 Trust & Other Spending                       

 1400-0001                                                                85,394         9,365

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