Executive Office for Administration and Finance             

                         Massachusetts Office on Disability                    


                                                                       Projected   Recommended

                                                                            FY95          FY96

 Budgetary Direct Appropriations              

 MASSACHUSETTS OFFICE ON DISABILITY                               

 1107-2400 For the administration of the office on disability;           536,879       546,813

           provided, that not less than fifty thousand dollars of 

           the amount appropriated herein shall be expended for   

           arts programs for people with disabilities, including  

           but not limited to, festivals, training, and education 

           through the arts                                       

 Federal Grant Spending                       

 CLIENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM                                        

 1107-2450 For the purposes of a federally funded grant entitled,        183,710       185,306

           Client Assistance Program                              

 Trust & Other Spending                       

 1107-2480                                                                83,064        83,721

 1107-2490                                                                25,311        25,569

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