Executive Office of Public Safety                    

                                    Parole Board                               


                                                                       Projected   Recommended

                                                                            FY95          FY96

 Budgetary Direct Appropriations              

 PAROLE BOARD SERVICES AND OPERATIONS                             

 8950-0001 For the operation of the parole board                      11,830,991    11,562,060

 VICTIM AND WITNESS ASSISTANCE                                    

 8950-0002 For the victim and witness assistance program of the          173,979       173,424

           parole board, in accordance with the provisions of     

           chapter two hundred and fifty-eight B of the General   

           Laws; provided, that the victim service unit positions 

           be classified by the department of personnel           

           administration under the state classification system   

           Victim and Witness Assistance Fund . . . . .   100.00 

 Federal Grant Spending                       

 NON-INCARCERATED OFFENDERS PROGRAM                               

 4512-9418 For the purposes of a federally funded grant entitled,        533,413       540,373

           Non-Incarcerated Offenders Program                     

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