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  Fiscal Affairs Division
Commonwealth of Massachusetts

The Governor's Budget Recommendation

Executive Office

The Executive Office includes the offices of the Governor and the Lieutenant Governor, the Governor's Council, and the Governor's Commission on Mental Retardation. The Executive Office will manage the operations of the Executive Branch of state government; coordinate the activities of all Executive Branch agencies; and communicate to the members of the General Court and the general public the aims, objectives, and accomplishments of the Weld/Cellucci Administration. The Office will develop, oversee, and guide key Administration initiatives to completion.

Budgetary Direct Appropriations

0400-0000 5,078,561
For the operation of the offices of the governor and lieutenant governor and the governor's council, pursuant to sections three, four and seven of chapter six of the General Laws, for the operation of the administrative office pursuant to sections six and six A of chapter six of the General Laws, for the payment of extraordinary expenses not otherwise provided for, and for transfer to other items of appropriation where the amounts otherwise available may be insufficient; provided, that two hundred four thousand four hundred sixty-six dollars shall be expended for the governor's commission on mental retardation

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