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House 1 Appropriation Downloads

This document is a reference guide for the download portion of the Governor's Fiscal Year 1998 Budget Recommendation. The information provided within each file assumes the viewer has experience with Microsoft Excel (The files are in Microsoft Excel 5.0 format), and therefore the files are provided "as is." We are unable to provide support with the querying and sorting of data. (Refer to the hard copy or online version of the budget for summarized, sorted data.)

Excel files are available for:

  • a statewide listing of all FY98 Governor's Budget Recommendations, provided in account order (house1.xls)
  • individual secretariat listings, with individual department listings on separate pages within each spreadsheet.

We have provided a reference file, (support.xls), that lists all of the Secretariats, Departments, and Account Types used in the FY98 Governor's Budget Recommendation. This file is provided as a reference, and is intended for those users wishing to construct complex pivot tables, reports, and/or queries from the data.

Within each individual MS Excel spreadsheet, there are 6 columns of data:

sec - identifies each secretariat listed in the FY98 Governor's Budget Recommendation. (Please refer to support.xls for a list of the secretariat codes and names.)

dept - identifies each department (within each secretariat) listed in the FY98 Governor's Budget Recommendation (Please refer to support.xls for a list of department codes and names).

account - the 8-digit number for each individual line item.

type - the account type. (Please refer to support.xls for a list of account type codes and descriptions.)

amount - the dollar amount of the Governor's Budget Recommendation; for account type 03 (trust/other) the amount is simply an estimate of spending rather than a recommendation.

descriptor - a brief description of the purpose of each account.

Directory listing of MS Excel Files


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