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Budget Summary FY2011

70009401 - Regional Libraries Local Aid
Data Current as of:  8/6/2010

Account Description FY2010
7000-9401 Regional Libraries Local Aid
For state aid to regional public libraries; provided, that the board of library commissioners may provide quarterly advances of funds for purposes authorized by clauses (1) and (2) of section 19C of chapter 78 of the General Laws, as it considers proper, to regional public library systems throughout each fiscal year, in compliance with the office of the comptroller's regulations on state grants, 815 CMR 2.00; provided further, that notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, in calculating the fiscal year 2011 distribution of funds appropriated in this item, the board of library commissioners shall employ population figures used to calculate the fiscal year 2010 distribution; provided further, that the board shall provide funds for the continued operation of a single regional library system to serve the different geographic regions of the commonwealth and requiring that physical locations be maintained in both eastern and western Massachusetts to serve the residents of those regions; and provided further, that said section 19C of said chapter 78 shall not apply to a municipality with more than 150,000 residents during fiscal year 2011 unless such municipality funds and operates all branch libraries in service as of January 1, 2010

12,327,160 8,781,475