11072501 - Disabled Persons Protection Commission

Account Description FY2012
1107-2501 Disabled Persons Protection Commission
For the disabled persons protection commission; provided, that the commission shall facilitate compliance by the department of mental health and the department of developmental services with uniform investigative standards; provided further, that the commission shall report to the house and senate committees on ways and means not later than the last day of each quarter on the number of claims of abuse by caretakers made by employees or contracted service employees of the department of developmental services, the department of mental health and the Massachusetts rehabilitation commission; provided further, that the report shall include: (i) the number of substantiated claims; (ii) the number of unsubstantiated claims; and (iii) the number of false claims reported as a result of intentional and malicious action; and provided further, that the commission shall ensure that it is capable of recording all calls that are made to the commission's 24-hour hotline, that all persons who call the hotline shall be immediately informed that calls are routinely recorded and that each person shall be provided with the opportunity to elect that the call not be recorded
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