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Budget Summary FY2014

21000012 - Department of Public Utilities Administration
Data Current as of:  9/11/2013

Account Description FY2013
2100-0012 Department of Public Utilities Administration
For the operation of the department of public utilities; provided, that notwithstanding the second sentence of the first paragraph of section 18 of chapter 25 of the General Laws, the assessments levied for fiscal year 2014 under said first paragraph shall be made at a rate sufficient to produce the amount expended from this item and the associated fringe benefits costs for personnel paid from this item; provided further, that $300,000 shall be dedicated to the hiring of gas safety inspectors who shall be authorized to randomly inspect each public utility's piping, equipment, work site, work product, safety guidelines or any item on the utility's property or within the utility's control to determine if it meets nationally recognized gas utility company safety standards and such inspectors shall provide an annual report to the commissioners, the attorney general and the joint committee on telecommunication, utilities and energy; and provided further, that the cost of the gas safety inspectors, including associated fringe benefit costs, shall be assessed to gas utility companies under the jurisdictional control of the department
7,736,332 8,701,998