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Budget Summary FY2014

Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination
Data Current as of:  9/11/2013

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The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination's (MCAD) mission is to address issues of discrimination and ensure equality of opportunity by enforcing the Commonwealth's anti-discrimination laws in employment, housing, public accommodations, credit, lending and education.

The Commission works to eliminate discrimination and advance the civil rights of the people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts through law enforcement (filing of complaints, investigations, mediations and conciliations, prosecution, adjudication and litigation) and outreach (training sessions, public education and testing programs).

Governing Laws:


MGL C. 6 S. 56
Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination
MGL C. 151B S. 1-10
Unlawful Discrimination Because of Race, Color, Religious Creed, National Origin, Ancestry or Sex
MGL C. 151C S. 1-5
Fair Educational Practices
MGL C. 149 S. 105D
Mass. Maternity Leave Act
MGL C. 272 S. 98&98A
Public Accommodations