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Budget Summary FY2014

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Construction and Disposition of Certain Public Housing Units

SECTION 104.   Section 26 of chapter 121B of the General Laws, as appearing in the 2010 Official Edition, is hereby amended by adding the following clause:-

(p) Notwithstanding this section or section 34 to the contrary, to dispose of or demolish any part or all of an existing housing project assisted by the commonwealth pursuant to chapter 689 of the acts of 1974, chapter 167 of the acts of 1987 or chapter 705 of the acts of 1966, if: (1) the department and the housing authority have determined that it is not financially feasible to bring the units up to a reasonable program standard for occupancy or permissible to convert the units to another low-rent housing program; (2) the inventory of available housing units remaining in the surrounding community is not substantially diminished as a result of such demolition; and (3) for units financed pursuant to chapter 705 of the acts of 1966, the units were vacant as of November 1, 2012, or, for units financed by the chapter 689 of the acts of 1974 or chapter 167 of the acts of 1987, the department has received written confirmation from both the department of developmental services and the department of mental health that those units are obsolete and inappropriate for housing their respective clients. Upon approval by the department, the authority may dispose of the property by sale, ground lease or other transfer of its interest in the property; provided, that the department shall review and approve of any appraisal and request for proposals related to the disposition, as well as the selection of the selected bidder. The request for proposals shall provide that, in reviewing responses to the request for proposals, first priority for selecting from among the responsive and responsible bidders shall be those bidders that offer a feasible plan to provide housing on the site that is permanently affordable to households under 80 per cent of area median income as defined by the department. Those bidders shall obtain the property for $1, subject to an enforceable agreement to meet the requirements of its proposal. If no responsive and responsible bidder meets the above standard, the property shall be sold to the bidder offering the highest price for the property. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this chapter, proceeds from the disposition, after paying for the costs of the disposition, shall be deposited in an expendable trust controlled by the department, the purpose of which shall be to fund capital improvements that the department determines are necessary and appropriate at existing housing developments that serve households that would have been eligible for occupancy of the units that had been sited on the property.