23100200 - Division of Fisheries and Wildlife Administration

Account Description FY2013
2310-0200 Division of Fisheries and Wildlife Administration
For the administration of the division of fisheries and wildlife, including expenses of the fisheries and wildlife board, the administration of game farms and wildlife restoration projects, wildlife research and management, the administration of fish hatcheries, the improvement and management of lakes, ponds and rivers, fish and wildlife restoration projects, the commonwealth's share of certain cooperative fisheries and wildlife programs and for certain programs reimbursable under the federal Aid to Fish and Wildlife Restoration Act; provided, that funds from this item shall be made available to the University of Massachusetts at Amherst for fisheries and wildlife research in an amount not less than the amount received in fiscal year 2013 for such research; provided further, that the department may expend the amount necessary to restore anadromous fish in the Connecticut and Merrimack river systems; provided further, that no funds shall be spent on restoration of catadromous fish in the Connecticut and Merrimack river systems unless deemed necessary by the division; and provided further, that expenditures for such programs shall be contingent upon prior approval of the proper federal authorities for reimbursement of at least 75 per cent of the amount so expended
                Inland Fisheries and Game Fund ............... 100%
11,072,069 11,666,532