This is not the official budget document.

Budget Summary FY2017

University of Massachusetts
Data Current as of:  8/9/2016

Account  FY2017
House 1
House Final
Senate Final
Budgetary Direct Appropriations 508,292 511,042 523,042 509,492
University of Massachusetts 508,292508,292521,267508,292
Office of Dispute Resolution Operations 0750775750
MA Technology Transfer Center 001,000200
Excellence in Medical Research 02,0000250
Trust and Other Spending * 2,650,569 0 0 0
Haverhill Satellite Center Trust Fund 2,500000
University of Massachusetts at Lowell - Chargeback 1,000000
UMass at Dartmouth - Chargeback Clearing/Miscellaneous 2,700000
University of Massachusetts Interdepartmental Trust 90000
University of Massachusetts Clean Renewable Energy Bond Pmts. 133000
UMass Systems - Other Non-Appropriated Funds 1,839,442000
UMass Systems - Federal Non-Appropriated Funds 499,151000
UMass Systems - Endowment Funds 54,372000
UMass Systems - Agency Funds 124,685000
UMS - Hospital Activity at Worcester 37,300000
University of Massachusetts at Amherst Trust 2,100000
University of Massachusetts Interdepartmental Chargeback 1,600000
UMass Administrative Federal Financial Participations Revenue 85,000000
University of Massachusetts Benefit Offset Trust 36000
University of Massachusetts at Boston Trust 460000

* The Governor's budget is required to report on all spending by a department: budgetary, federal and trust. Legislative budgets do not report trust spending.