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The mission of the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance is to support our client agencies and the people they serve by providing expertise and innovative solutions in the delivery of strategic integrated facilities management, construction, and real estate services.

Governing Laws:


MGL C. 6A S. 8C DCAM membership on structurally deficient bridge improvment program coordination and oversight council
MGL C. 7B S. 1 Asset Management Board
MGL C. 23A S. 3 Consultation with director of wireless & broadband development
MGL C. 23G S. 16,35 Approval of MassDevelopment plans(16) & studies(35)
MGL C. 25A S. 11C,11I Development, with state agencies and building authorities, of contracts for procurement of energy management services(11C) and guaranteed energy savings contracts(11I)
MGL C. 29 S. 2YYY,3 Courts Capital Project Fund (2YYY), state agency reporting regarding leases (3), debarment of contractors for public bidding projects (29F)
MGL C. 29A S. 4&6 Rental of facilities for courts(4) and work with court facilities council(6)
MGL C. 30 S. 39R Definitions; contract provisions; management and financial statements; enforcement
MGL C. 34B S. 6 Real Estate of dissolved counties
MGL C. 35 S. 26A,28B Jurisdiction over county capital projects
MGL C. 78 S. 19I Consultation with Board of Library Commissioners
MGL C. 92B S. 9 Consultation with Commonwealth Zoological Corporation
MGL C. 94C S. 47 Office of seized property management to handle property referred to it by a district attorney or the Attorney General for forfeiture under Controlled Substance Act
MGL C. 111H S. 4 Work with Mass Low-level Radioactive Waste Management Board on site selection & overseeing development of facilities: Sections 4, 9, 20, 22, 23, 27, 28, 33 & 37
MGL C. 128 S. 38B Expenditure of funds for Mass State Exposition Building
MGL C. 149 S. 44A Bidding on public construction projects; Certification of bidders: Sections 44A, C, D, D1/2, D3/4, 44E, E1/2 & J
MGL C. 149A S. 4&5 Alternative delivery methods for public construction; Certification of bidders
MGL C. 211B S. 9,9A,17 Coordination with Judiciary on construction, leasing, repair & design of court facilities.
MGL C. 6C S. 12 Use of DCAM's integrated asset management system by MassDOT
MGL C. 7C S. 1-72 Enabling Legislation - Capital Asset Management and Maintenance
MGL C. 40J S. 6B DCAMM approval of telecommunications licenses on highway property
Office of seized property management to handle property referred to it by a district attorney or the Attorney General for forfeiture under the human trafficking law


810 CMR 4.0 Certification of Contractors and Sub-bidders
810 CMR 8.0 Awarding Authority Responsibility for Evaluation
810 CMR 9.0 Prequalification of General Contractors & Subcontractors