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Organization Chart


The mission of the Division of Banks is to advance the public interest with the highest level of integrity and innovation by ensuring a sound, competitive and accessible banking and financial services environment.

Governing Laws:


MGL C. 26 S. 1-5A Enabling Legislation
MGL C. 93 S. 24-28 Debt Collectors/Licensing, Including Third-Party Loan Servicing
MGL C. 167 S. 1-48 Supervision of Banks
MGL C. 167A S. 1-7 Examination of Bank Holding Companies
MGL C. 167B S. 1-24 Electronic Funds Transfer
MGL C. 167C S. 1-9 Banking and Branch Office Locations
MGL C. 167D S. 1-36 Bank Deposits and Accounts
MGL C. 167E S. 1-8 Bank Mortgages and Loans
MGL C. 167F S. 1-9 Bank Investments and Powers
MGL C. 167F S. 4 Regulation of Check Sellers/Licensing
MGL C. 167G S. 1-9 Bank Trust Departments
MGL C. 167H S. 1-11 Mutual holding Companies
MGL C. 168 S. 1-44 Savings Banks
MGL C. 169 S. 1-14 Foreign Transmittal Agencies/Licensing
MGL C. 169A S. 1-13 Check Cashers/Licensing
MGL C. 170 S. 1-35 Co-operative Banks
MGL C. 171 S. 1-84 Credit Unions
MGL C. 172 S. 1-39 Trust Companies/Commercial Banks
MGL C. 140 S. 96-114A Small Loans/Licensing
MGL C. 140D S. 1-34 Consumer Credit Cost Disclosure/Truth-in-Lending
MGL C. 140E S. 1-4 Truth-in-Savings
MGL C. 183C S. 1-19 Predatory Home Loan Practices
MGL C. 255B S. 1-25 Retail Installment Sales of Motor Vehicles/Licensing
MGL C. 255C S. 1-23 Insurance Premium Financing/Licensing
MGL C. 255D S. 1-32 Retail Installment Sales and Services/Licensing
MGL C. 255E S. 1-12 Mortgage Lenders and Mortgage Brokers/Licensing
MGL C. 255F S. 1-15 Mortgage Loan Originators/Licensing


222 CMR All DOB Regulations