Administration and Finance

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Section 4 Index Governor's Councillors' Salaries
Section 7 Adequate Revenues to Support Critical Investments
Section 8 Eliminate Statutory Carry-Forward
Section 9 Annual Formula Local Aid
Section 11 Expand Bottle Bill
Section 15 Extend Authority to Terminate and Renegotiate Leases
Section 16 Allow Medical Security Trust Fund Deficit for Fiscal Year 2014
Section 18 Expenditures from Fiscal Year 2013 Surplus
Section 19 Inspector General's Audits of Health Safety Net and MassHealth Program
Section 20 Extend Authorization to Transfer Trust Balances
Section 21 Funding for Payments to Certain Health Providers
Section 22 Initial Gross Payments to Qualifying Acute Care Hospitals
Section 23 MassHealth and CommCare Dental Coverage
Section 24 Nursing and Resident Care Facility Base Year
Section 25 Pension Cost of Living Adjustment
Section 26 Stabilization Fund Transfers
Section 27 Suspension of Tourism Formula
Section 28 UMass/Health and Human Services Interagency Service Agreements
Section 32 Effective Date