Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 2 Fiscal Year 2009

Governor's Budget Recommendation FY 2009

0810-0000 - Office of the Attorney General Administration

Account Description FY2008
House 2
0810-0000 Office of the Attorney General Administration
For the operation of the office of the attorney general, including the administration of the local consumer aid fund, the operation of the anti-trust division, all regional offices, a high-tech crime unit and the victim and witness compensation program; provided, that the victim and witness compensation program shall be administered in accordance with chapters 258B and 258C of the General Laws; and provided further, that funds may be expended for the board of commissioners on uniform state laws
26,585,871 27,624,658



City / Town
House 2
Safe Neighborhood Initiative pilot program in the Bowdoin/Geneva area of Dorchester and New Bedford Boston / Dorchester250,000
Child Protection Unit Statewide240,000
Trauma Intervention Program Merrimack Valley50,000
Safe Neighborhood Initiative Program in the Grove Hall area of Boston Boston250,000
Grants for the Safe Neighborhood Initiative jobs program Statewide250,000
Dorchester Youth Collaborative Boston / Dorchester200,000
Culturally competent education and training on human trafficking Statewide180,000
Health Care Division Statewide355,000
Predatory Lending and Consumer Credit Units Statewide320,000
Victim Witness Rights Services Unit Statewide300,000

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