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  1. Online Advertising of State Procurements
  2. Consolidated Net Surplus Distribution
  3. Quality in Health Professions Trust Fund
  4. Education Accountability Office under Secretary of Education
  5. Medicare Part D and Prescription Advantage
  6. Railroad Bridge Safety
  7. Emergency Spending Authority
  8. Deposit of Tobacco Litigation Proceeds
  9. Expedite Appellate Tax Board Decisions
  10. Tax Revenue Enforcement Efficiencies
  11. Cigar Tobacco Reclassification
  12. EOHHS Debt Recovery By Tax Refund Intercept
  13. Certain Revenues to Transportation Fund
  14. Repeal Sales Tax Exemptions for Aircraft, Parts and Certain Pesticides
  15. Civil Remedies for Violations of Certain Labor Laws
  16. Medicaid Clawback Pharmacy Recovery
  17. Hospital Assessments for DHCFP/HSNO Administrative Funding
  18. Cost of Fire Services
  19. Suffolk Superior Criminal Clerks Compensation
  20. Pay for Performance Payments
  21. Trial Court Transferability
  22. Inspector General's Health Safety Net Audit Unit
  23. Stabilization Fund Transfer
  24. Pension Cost of Living Adjustment
  25. Transfers Between Operating and Capital Funds
  26. Line-Item Transferability
  27. Commission on Maintenance of State Facilities
  28. Transfer to State Retiree Benefits Trust Fund
  29. Ponkapoag Golf Course Long-Term Leasing Authority
  30. Transfers Among Health Care Funds
  31. UMass/EHS Interagency Service Agreements
  32. Tourism Fund Formulas
  33. Effective Date