ANF Regulations

CMR 801 001: Standard Adjudicatory Rules of Practice and Procedure

CMR 801 003: Privacy and Confidentiality

CMR 801 004: Rates

CMR 801 007: Travel and Participation in Training Sessions Where Private Entities Provide Financing

CMR 801 021: Procurement of Commodities or Services, Including Human and Social Services

CMR 801 026: Financing the Construction of Off-Street Parking Facilities in Commercial Area Revitalization Districts for Cities & Towns

CMR 801 027: Assisting Cities and Towns in the Commonwealth in Financing the Construction, Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Expansion of Facilities for Civic and Convention Centers and Exhibition Halls

CMR 801 028: Reimbursements to Non-Profit Organizations

CMR 801 030: Allocation of State Ceiling on Volume of Private Activity Bonds

CMR 801 050: Expendable Trust Regulation