Research-based bullying prevention programs align with education and professional development training mandates of the Massachusetts bullying prevention law and include resources to integrate violence prevention instruction into ongoing curricula.  The underage drinking and drug awareness workshops support and enhance existing health and wellness education currently available in most schools.



Bullying, Cyberbullying, and Your Responsibilities Under the Law

Training addresses the impact of bullying on the individual and the collective role of all stakeholders in a school-wide prevention effort, provides attendees with the skills to recognize and respond to bullying  behavior,  and offers strategies to address these behaviors, including comprehensive policies, reporting procedures and intervention techniques.  Training also discusses current information on social media and examines potential social and emotional consequences, legal ramifications, civil liabilities and criminal penalties associated with misuse of technology.

Bullying Prevention Initiative-Educator Newsletters 

Bullying Prevention is more than just a program or a policy, it is promoting climate change for a culture that is kinder and more accepting of all of its members.  With the goal of supplying Berkshire County educators with ideas, activities, lessons and model programs to help them foster this culture change, our Educator Newsletter is sent to all of the Berkshire County schools and copies are available here for download.



Presentations are designed for classroom setting unless otherwise indicated.

Grades K – 8

Bullying:  Using Children’s Literature to Foster Empathy, Friendship and Respect

Presentations engage students in age-appropriate stories encouraging positive behavior.  Interactive presentations use role play and creative arts to demonstrate how words and actions can hurt others.  Grades K – 3.  

Student Mentor Internet Safety Program 

Workshop for early learners uses age-appropriate, 3-D activities to teach children how to be safer when using the internet.  High school student mentors co-present with Clicky, the spokesrobot, to teach children about the importance of internet safety using interactive video and creative arts activities.  Grades K – 2.

The Kids on the Block Program on Bullies & School Safety

Program features life-size puppets which, through the magic of live puppet theater, teach students about bullying, encourage empathy for targets of bullying and provide problem-solving strategies to empower bystanders.  Grades 2– 3, capped at 45 students per presentation.

Promoting Positive Behavior & Strategies to Stop Bullying 

Presentation uses media, discussion and role play to explore the forms of bullying behavior and the powerful role of the bystander and gives students the tools they need to confidently take action if they experience or witness the behavior.  Group activities provide students with the opportunity to share their feelings and ideas to help promote a positive school environment.  Grades 4 – 6.

Bullying, Cyberbullying & Internet Safety

Presentation raises students’ awareness of the key elements of bullying and cyberbullying, highlights the importance of safe and respectful interpersonal behavior and provides positive behavior strategies for students who display bullying behavior, students who are bullied, and bystanders.  For the classroom, Grades 5 – 8.

Digital Generation 2.0; Live Smarter

Presentation focuses on safe and healthy interpersonal behaviors and discusses the impact of bullying and harassment.  The presentation challenges students to think about their digital footprint and online choices, examines the consequences and misuse of technology and teaches students what steps to take if they are victimized or witness bullying or cyberbullying.  For an assembly, Grades 7 – 8.

Safe & Healthy Relationships  

Presentation discusses characteristics of healthy family, peer and dating relationships and helps students to recognize and understand the differences among flirting, sexual harassment, and abusive behavior and  allows for open student discussion around this complicated topic.  Program will be tailored to address particular needs and issues of your school population and can be offered to either co-ed or same sex groups.  For a small assembly (capped at 50 students), Grades 6 – 8.


Grades 9 – 12

Digital Generation 2.0; Live Smarter

Presentation promotes dialogue with students about the safe and responsible use of all communication technology and explores potential online vulnerabilities.  The program examines the far-reaching, powerful consequences of cyberbullying, sexting and other misuses of technology and the impact online actions may have on future goals.  Assembly.

Safe & Healthy Relationships  

Presentation raises students’ awareness about forms of sexual harassment, both peer-to-peer and in dating relationships, and helps them to recognize and understand the differences among flirting, sexual harassment, and abusive behavior and allows for open student discussion around this complicated topic.  The presentation can be tailored to address particular needs and issues of your school population and can be offered to either co-ed or same sex groups.  Classroom or small assembly (50 students).

Underage Drinking Facts:  Are You in Jeopardy?

This presentation uses a Jeopardy game format to engage students in an interactive discussion about alcohol and challenges students’ knowledge of both the facts and costs of underage drinking.  The presentation uses a team approach to raise students’ awareness about the risk and consequences of substance abuse and offers them the opportunity to reflect on the personal choices they are making. 

Prescription Pills to Heroin:  The Opiate Express

A Massachusetts State Trooper with the Berkshire County Drug Task Force, in collaboration with the Berkshire District Attorney’s Office Community Outreach and Education Program, will discuss ongoing drug usage and trends in our community and raise students’ awareness of the risks associated with drug use and abuse.  As part of the presentation a young adult from the county will candidly recount personal experiences and the negative life-changing consequences associated with their choice to use drugs.  



Bullying and Harassment

The presentation reviews the significant role of parents in supporting school prevention and intervention plans.  The training provides information on the dynamics of bullying, recognizing the signs and symptoms that a child may be engaging in bullying behavior or the target of a bully, and how to respond appropriately.  The powerful role of the bystander and the importance of changing our culture around the acceptance of bullying will be discussed and resources will be offered for both children and parents.

Cyberbullying and Internet Safety 

The presentation is designed to address current internet topics including protecting your child’s personal information, monitoring programs, cyberbullying, social networking sites and online predators and reminds parents of the important role they play in the school-wide bullying prevention effort.   

An Interactive Technology Workshop 

This hand-on workshop provides participants with varied skill sets the confidence to navigate the internet in a relaxed setting.  The seminar takes an in-depth look at popular social networking sites, providing participants with a better understanding of how youth today communicate.  The presentation explores the scope and nature of cyberbullying and other misuses of technology, including sexting, and examines the short and long term social, emotional and legal consequences related to this behavior.  Attendees are guided through the active process of creating and maintaining a social networking page and how to monitor their child's use of technology and recognize risky behavior.  Two hours, registration required.



Bullying Prevention Initiative Resource Lending Library

An extensive collection of violence prevention books, media, teacher guides, lesson plans, and other resources.  All of the materials/resources available in our lending library are tied to the standards in the Massachusetts Curriculum Framework for English Language Arts and Literacy Grades Pre-Kindergarten to 12.  For a complete list please contact the Office at 413-443-5951.

Educational DVD Series:  Take 15 for Safety

Fifteen minute educational DVDs on current social issues can be self-guided or used with facilitators from the District Attorney’s Office.  Topics include Bullying/Cyberbullying, Sexting, Social Networks, Domestic Violence, Teen Dating Violence, Underage Drinking, Mandated Reporting, Healthy Relationships and others.  For more information on this educational initiative, go to the Berkshire District Attorney's website at and click on Take 15 for Safety.


*Presentations are adapted to fit grade level readiness and skill set.


Bullying Prevention Initiative Resource Lending Library

An extensive collection of violence prevention books, media, teacher guides, lesson plans, and other resources is available on loan from the Office. Click here for the complete Resource Library List and please contact the Office at 413-443-5951 for further information or to request a loan.

Presentations are also offered on the following topics:

Child Abuse
Domestic Violence
Gang Violence
Hate Crimes/Civil Rights
Open Meeting Law
Teen Dating Violence
Underage Drinking & Substance Abuse

If you are interested in scheduling a presentation, please contact Community Outreach & Education at 413-443-5951.