District Attorney Supports Patrick Miller
Youth Substance Abuse Program

District Attorney David F. Capeless today announced the donation of $2,000.00 to the Patrick Miller Youth Substance Abuse Program of the Brien Center. The Program was founded in 2005 by Miller's family as a response to their son's overdose death. The donation is the fifth in a series of annual contributions, now totaling $11,000.00. The money comes from illegal proceeds seized from drug dealers by the county-wide Drug Task Force and forfeited by the courts for law enforcement investigations and community education and prevention efforts aimed at reducing substance abuse.

District Attorney Capeless stated, "The Patrick Miller Program serves a much-need role in our community. Substance abuse among our youth, whether underage drinking or the abuse of illicit or prescription drugs, is a serious problem and, while we in law enforcement are fully prepared to fight against those who would profit from it, institutions such as The Brien Center and their Patrick Miller Program are necessary to provide the counseling and support that will prevent many young people from getting involved, or getting too far involved, with these substances that can destroy their lives. The Miller family should be remembered and thanked for the generosity that came from their loss, and I am proud to assist their efforts. It is wholly appropriate that these monies, to be used to help our young people build a clear and sober future for themselves, were snatched from the efforts of a few who had set out to destroy that future before it had begun."

Catherine Doherty, CEO of The Brien Center says, "The Brien Center is extremely grateful for its collaborative partnership with District Attorney Capeless and his staff. The Brien Center and the District Attorney's Office have committed their joint efforts to early intervention and prevention of substance abuse. During the past two years alone the Patrick Miller Substance Abuse Program has helped over 1,200 students reduce their risk-taking behavior in Berkshire County. The ultimate goal of the program is to educate and protect children in the community and give them a better chance at reaching their dreams."

Doherty adds, "We are very thankful for the recent financial contribution that Mr. Capeless and the District Attorney's Office have provided. Most importantly we are pleased to have such a great friend and true partner in our fight against underage substance abuse."

Doherty concludes, "The Miller Family has shown great compassion and generosity in their efforts to prevent any family from suffering the terrible loss of a child. They are to be commended for their bequest and their support."

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