On June 8, 2009, nineteen students from Heidi Tremlett's second grade class at Egremont Elementary School in Pittsfield met with District Attorney David F. Capeless for a tour of his office and a lesson on friendship and respect.

The class has been taking part in the Respect Bracelet campaign launched this fall as part of the District Attorney's Bullying Prevention Initiative. Orange silicon bracelets with the slogan "Respect: Give It, Get It" were distributed in September at the District Attorney's countywide antibullying conference which focused on empowering bystanders. Schools and youth service agencies were encouraged to utilize the bracelets as part of their school wide bullying prevention programs as a tool to encourage positive behavior.

Mrs.Tremlett used the bracelets to enhance her classroom environment by recognizing respectful behavior, cooperation and kindness toward others. Each day two students were awarded the honor of wearing the bracelets and a letter was home to parents praising the child's conduct.

The students in Mrs. Tremlett's class enjoyed the program so much they wrote individual letters to District Attorney Capeless thanking him for the Respect bracelets. Their enthusiastic response to the Respect campaign prompted District Attorney Capeless to invite the class to visit with him at his office and talk further about the importance of positive behavior and good citizenship.

During their visit the students talked with the District Attorney about his job and read the Aesop fable The Lion and the Mouse. They discussed the meaning of friendship and respect demonstrated in the story and created paper bag puppets of the lion and the mouse. The field trip ended with the District Attorney and his new friends enjoying cake and juice.